Poon Goor Soe was founded in 1890 by late- Qing dynasty , by the Guangdong Poon Bai Shi Guangzhou and his brother, who began the first High Street pharmacy , shop number "Changchuntong Poon Goor Soe" (meaning : eternal live in Spring time, long life).

Subsequently Poon Yu Sheng, son of Poon Bai Shi took over the business, and developed a new drugs "Pei Pa Lo ". It was during the World War II , Poon Yu Sheng and his sons moved to Hong Kong respectively. The pharmaceutical company began the Hong Kong operation in the early 1950s, the name Poon Goor Soe substituted Changchuntong Poon Goor Soe.

Poon Goor Soe is one the most historical Chinese medicine manufacturer established in Hong Kong. Its Pei Pa Lo is well known and popular in south east Asia, Europe and northern America. The product is highly appraised by users; most people will associate the Chinese cough syrup “Pei Pa Lo” or “Loquat Extract” to Poon Goor Soe brand.

Poon Goor Soe “Pei Pa Lo” cough syrup uses genuine and quality Chinese herbs, the decoction process is strictly according to GMP (Good Manufacture Practice) to ensure product quality. In other section “Ingredients”, shows the medicinal actions in relation to cough, phlegm and sore throat. We hope the non-Chinese speaking consumer may be benefit from the traditional Chinese wit in the medicine world.

The factory has appointed HK Health Department approved CMA Testing and Certification Laboratories to examine and quality check on the product.